Library Jubilee 2010

The Ship Sets Sail...November 16, 2010!

Ahoy there, matey! 

Weigh anchor and set sail for the ESC Region 12, where we are proud to host the Library Jubilee 2010. Take advantage of this wonderful opportunity to visit Pirate's Cove (the vendor hall) and attend hands-on workshops and breakout sessions that showcase literature (our greatest treasure) along with various technology tools (trinkets) that can help make libraries and reading more exciting for our students or make the librarian’s job easier. You'll also hear some rip-roaring, rousing keynote speakers and have the opportunity to win some fantastic loot (door prizes) as well.  This year's Library Jubilee features a treasure chest full of fantastic presenters!  Check out the Pirate Resources to get yourself ready for a pirate-y day!

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Welcome librarians, library paraprofessionals, library lovers, and land lubbers alike!
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